Best Experience of Our 19 Moves

“Dear Marty,
As Ingrid and I start the New Year, I want to take a moment to thank you and your team for the outstanding service you rendered to us during our recent move to Florida.

The assistance that your team provided was the best that we have experienced in our 19 moves in the military. From the beginning, we were impressed with your extremely personal, honest and professional apporoach to placing our home on the market. Your very responsive and competent team produced a fabulous brochure and executed a comprehensive marketing plan which, I am certain, was largely responsible for our home selling so quickly, while others languished in the market.

In spite of the four hurricanes which greeted our arrival her in Florida, we have had a very successful and pleasant move. Your very personable, honest and responsive assistance made a huge difference to us at a very important time in our lives and we can’t thank you enough.

Best wishes to you and your team for a happy and prosperous New Year. Keep up the good work!